Glory Johnson Admits She Isn’t A Lesbian But Brittney Griner Was Different


The relationship between Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner and her estranged wife Glory Johnson continues to get stranger. The last six weeks were quite eventful for the two.

Arrested for fighting each other in April, married in May and then a pregnancy announcement this week by Glory, which led to an annulment announcement by Brittney. In a recent interview, Glory admits that she’s not a lesbian, but there was something about Brittney that hooked her.

Ms. Johnson said she wasn’t sure what was happening, but that was O.K. She was not attracted to women, but she realized she was attracted to Ms. Griner.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Ms. Johnson said. “But Brittney is different.”

Ms. Johnson also was going against her aversion to dating other athletes. Ms. Griner’s affection felt genuine and not superficial. “From the beginning, I could trust her,” Ms. Johnson said. “She’s extremely caring. It was a different feel.”

So she went against her first mind which is 1. dating women and 2. dating athletes to step into a relationship with someone whose both? Seems like someone was looking for the attention that comes along with Brittney. But Brittney is not blameless in this either, she stated she knew Johnson was straight and had been checking for her since college.

Griner alleges fraud as one of the reasons for seeking the annulment.

spotted at Necole Bitchie