Gloria Govan Is Cool With Ex-Husband Matt Barnes Dating Rihanna


There’s been rumors swirling all summer that former Clippers-current Grizzlies star Matt Barnes has been quietly dating Rihanna. By dating, sources say the two have hung out a few times and are enjoying each others company. Nothing too serious.


TMZ Sports caught up with Matt’s ex-wife Gloria Govan, and she was totally cool with the idea of Matt possibly moving on with Rihanna. In fact, she said she’d be open to a double date if the timing was right.

Gloria also said dating another celebrity or athlete was not off the table, but the traits she’s seeking are different now because she’s a mom and will be looking for a guy that can be a father figure to her twin boys Carter and Isaiah.


Is there another Russell Wilson in the building?

Rihanna is a huge Clippers fan. Back in April, Matt made Ri his #WCW,


sometime after that I guess he made his dreams turn into reality. He recently appeared on Big Boy’s neighborhood where he shared that he’s dating someone whose more famous than him. But wouldn’t give deets. Big Boy then asked who he had a crush on, a Rihanna’s name came up.


Glad that Matt and Gloria seem to be on good terms after the split.