Gloria Govan goes “Clean Ops” while Laura hatches a plot to take down Jackie Christie [video]

While Gloria Govan is going all Laura Croft in her new web series, Clean Ops featured on Shaq’s Comedy Network, Her sister Laura is hatching a sinister plot to get all off into Jackie’s family business with her daughters on Basketball Wives LA season 2 episode 10:

My advice to Laura, find a hobby. You look as nutty as Jackie doing all the extras. It’s one thing, albeit childish, to mess with Jackie on the fly as things come up at your meet and greets. But to dig into her family dynamic, that seems to be a bit excessive. And in the end what’s it going to get you? People already think Jackie is crazy. All you’re doing is turning her into a sympathetic figure. I guess the question someone should ask is if you feel better?

I don’t know, it just seems like a lot of effort with little pay off. Anyway, Check out the first episode of Gloria as “V.”