Gilbert Arenas Tells The Women In His Life Where They Stand With Him

Gilbert Arenas is no stranger to blowing up a female’s spot via the internet. A look back at his old blogs or even his recent blind date that he live tweeted will tell you he’s not shy about sharing his sometimes controversal thoughts.

His next shock value inspired tweet, Agent Zero (I guess he can still be called that even though he has a new number right?? Minor detail) Gilbert sent the following Tweet this morning:

Since I know you can’t make out the tiny details of his BBM contact list, let me help you out.

I wonder who the one female is that he respects. I also wonder how she feels about his shenanigans. I realize that the Jock lifestyle lends itself to “groupies” and gold diggers but at some point, you are what you eat right?

I’m just saying, we all have a choice.