GIlbert Arenas request lawsuit against Laura Govan & Basketball Wives to be dismissed

Gilbert Arenas is back in the playoffs this season with the Memphis Grizzlies. They face off against the Clippers on Sunday in Memphis. We know Gil also reconciled with his fiance’ Laura Govan months ago but he hadn’t dismissed his lawsuit against her and her TV show Basketball Wives LA.

Now Gil is asking the court to dismiss the suit with the option to bring it back at a later date if he feels exploited (or he and Laura hit the skids again) Shed media wants the suit to be permanently dismissed and now it’s up to a judge to decide.

As for Gil, he said he’s happier flying under the radar.

I see this series going 6 games. Home court advantage is key. Zach Randolph will be a challenge for Blake Griffin and he’s not trying to end up as dunk bait.