Gilbert Arenas Real Beef With Al Sharpton Stems From 2010 Gun Suspension


Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas went in on civil rights activist Al Sharpton earlier this week. Arenas was critical of Sharpton’s involvement in the civil unrest taking place in a St Louis suburb following the shooting death of Michael Brown,  an unarmed black teen by police.

Arenas referred to Sharpton as a “Thot” and a “Coon.” TMZ cameras caught up with Sharpton who said he wasn’t familiar with Gilbert Arenas and that he had no business criticizing him.


Gil once again took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Sharpton and now it’s clear that his beef with him goes back to 2010. Sharpton may not have remembered who Arenas was, but per Gil, Sharpton spoke out about him following the 2010 incident between Arenas and then teammate Javaris Crittenon.




I’m glad you remember who I was, opening your mouth before the facts came out, I did not point a gun at my teammate. For a matter of fact, no one seen (sic) me with a gun in my possession, I was honest about it, a teammate said he would shoot me so I decided to call that bluff and bring the guns for him but becuz u decided to act like a #THOT and get involved before facts actually came I was suspended 50 games… wht was expected fromt the #voiceofthevoiceless is doing research on what actually happen (sic) that day… then if u decided to tell David Stern to suspend us for 50 games I would have felt a little bit better because you knew the facts and u decided off of that… you told #TMZ yesterday… Gilbert Arenas has no business criticizing me,

2010 I was thinkn (sic) the same thing when u came out of nowhere like a chick in the club when the bottles got to poppn (sic) on my locker room issue. So when I say ur a media whore and only come around when the light come on I’m RIGHT… I don’t need to compare my community stats against you because I don’t pretend to be the black peoples superman… I called you out because if the so call (sic) leader was in #STL after #mikebrownRIP got shot, no other lives would’ve been taken or hurt… because #alsharpton was by their side waiting for justice… but naww the proclaim by #Obama #thevoiceofthevoiceless was not ready for his red carpet entrance. What ended up happening by u not going on the 10th???

I’ll tell you, cops are used (sic) brute force and starting (sic) doing everything and anything they’ve always wanted to do in the first place… always remember before there’s a fire, there’s smoke CHECK OUT THE SMOKE before the fire starts..

Since the 2010 locker room incident, Javaris Crittenon has been arrested for the murder of an Atlanta woman and attempting to traffic drugs. Plus an incident of domestic violence. Arenas has largely stayed out of trouble minus a traffic stop arrest for fireworks.

Gilbert has since deleted this post and his initial post on Sharpton.