Gilbert Arenas Live Tweets His Blind Date Gone Bad

In case you didn’t know, Magic guard Gilbert Arenas has returned to Twitter. Perfect for offseason entertainment! His blog a few years back on was a must read and his first few go rounds on Twitter were equally amusing.

Today, @AgentZeroShow decided to live Tweet his blind date. Oh, it didn’t go that well, you can read those Tweets below (he even talks about her outfit and twitpic it, he was right)  but his parting thoughts, this is the type of honesty that makes Gilbert refreshing:

Its okay fellas she still wants action…ladies like rude boys..or the blk card I hav in my pocket..either way bam bam we got ACTION

Yeahhhhhhhh. I can only hope the NBA won’t make a habit of fining Gil for his tweets, he’s already been hit and I don’t think he’s been on Twitter a week yet. I at least need him to be around for the run of Basketball Wives: L.A., if it’s true that Laura Govan, his kid’s mom is going to be featured, his commentary could be comedy GOLD!! Oh you think I’m mean for laughing? Who goes on a date with Gilbert Arenas, she knew what she was getting into. 

Look what he has for his Twitter icon:



curtsy to BSO