Gilbert Arenas & Laura Govan secretly married?

Not to be outdone by little sister Gloria, Laura Govan dropped hints in a recent interview that after 12 years and 4 kids, she and Gilbert Arenas may have secretly tied the knot too.

“We actually kinda got married. We did the whole, ‘I do. I do,’ we just haven’t had the wedding.”

What does “kinda got married” mean? Is there a marriage license? Anyway, here’s more details about what a potential “wedding” would involve for Laura and Gil:

“When the time is right,” she said, revealing that her wedding would cost millions.

“We’re not in a hurry to spend $2 million…because that’s what my price range is,” Govan said. “My ring is worth a million so I have to double it for a wedding!”

Just as a reminder, Gilbert doesn’t currently have an NBA contract. He was amnestied by the Orlando Magic. He is however still receiving his salary and spent 17 games with the Memphis Grizzlies in the lockout shortened season.
Life and relationships can be complicated, if Gil and Laura have found their happy place, kudos to them… But I still want the definition of “kinda married.” Basketball Wives LA is still shooting, maybe we’ll find the answer to that question in a future episode.