Gabrielle Union responds to fan who said no sex for DWade after Heat loss


With the advent of social networks, fans have any easy place to vent when their team or favorite player doesn’t perform. And then there are the more ambitious fans who want anyone that’s affiliated with you to share the burn. Take the Miami Heat’s double-overtime loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday. It’s a nationally televised game. The first on a Sunday on ABC this year. The Heat was up  98-97 when DWade missed a lay up with 39 seconds left in the second overtime. Celtics get the ball back and Paul Pierce hits a jumper. The Heat never recover the lead, Celtics win.

Some Heat fans decided to let Wade’s lady friend Gabrielle Union know that if she decided to engage in adult activities this evening, she’s “cat.”



Touché Gabby.

Question, what is “cat?” I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary and it did not reveal anything that I would imagine this Tweet was referencing. An actual cat, old cool guy, hip jazz guy. :shrug:


photo via Gabrielle Union