Former Viking Fred Smoot says “love cruise” was overrated


You want to know how wild “The Life” can get? Let’s take the example of former Minnesota Viking, Frank Smoot. Back in 2005 had a “love cruise” complete with prostitutes, alcohol and all the x-rated things you’d imagine go with that. But, Fred Smoot said the whole experience was “overrated”

The “love cruise” scandal was a party thrown on two rented houseboats. Several members of the Vikings were present as well as women flown in from Atlanta and Miami. The crew of the ships reported witnessing several sex acts and having to clean up used condom wrappers, ky jelly and sex toys the following day.

The story was made all the more memorable when the tale of Smoot thrusting a double ended dildo into two hookers while on the floor surfaced. Suffice to say, it was a pretty wild night.

Flash forward back to the ‘Ask Me Anything’ deal, a Reddit user decided to use that time to ask about one of the more graphic details of the night which involved Bryant McKinnie. The name he gives it is something of instant legend: