Former Pistons Lottery Pick Rodney White Arrested For Growing Weed In His Home

Former NBA player Rodney White has been arrested for “managing an indoor marijuana-growing operation in Alexander and Iredell counties.” White was the #9 draft pick in the 2001 draft for the Detroit Pistons. White hasn’t been in the L since 2005 after stints with the Pistons, Nuggets, 76ers and Warriors.

White, 31 was arrested at his home along with a woman named Nicole Denise Jackson. There were also 3 minor children on the property at the time of the arrest. The following are details of the investigation:

“During the search, an elaborate underground bunker was located, where detectives found a hidden marijuana grow room,” Redmond said.

Based on that discovery, agents got a search warrant for a residence on Montibello Drive in Mooresville. Redmond said detectives found more than four pounds of marijuana; an assortment of firearms; grow lights; planting materials; and other items used to grow marijuana.

The “weed room” was found under a trap door in the garage and contained approximately 60 plants, some were up to 4 feet tall. The two were charged with felony manufacture of marijuana; felony possession of marijuana; maintaining a dwelling for marijuana; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This is why it’s SO important for athletes to have a transition plan. Medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in several states now, why not be like Cuttino Mobley and get a license to operate one of those? Now he’s in jail, dealing with those charges and if those were his children in the home, what happens to them?