Former NFL rb Ricky Williams said weed was like his Popeye’s spinach [video]


Ex-NFL running back Ricky Williams is known for his one time love of weed. In a recent interview, Ricky’s former teammate Channing Crowder shared that Ricky got high the night before games.

Williams NFL career was dotted with failed drug tests and he was suspended the entire 2006 season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Williams was interviewed by “Campus Insider” recently, where he was asked if he has spoken with the players at Incarnate Word University — where he’s the assistant coach — about his off-field issues. Williams stated that he didn’t consider his love of verde a problem. It was more like his spinach.

“I don’t consider them off-field issues, only other people do,” Williams said, via For the Win. “I’m an open book with these kids in any area of my life that they want to talk about. I don’t agree that (smoking weed) was an Achilles’ heel. I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye.”

“He’s strong to the finish cause he eats his spinach” – Popeye the Sailor