Former NBA Player Isaiah Rider’s Wife Says His P.O. Is Sabotaging Him

Former NBA player Isaiah “JR” Rider always seems to be in trouble.  Last year the former slam dunk champion was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. Earlier this week, he was arrested in Arizona for violating his probation.

Rider has missed his required domestic violence classes and failed to complete 90 hours of community service. In court documents, Rider’s probation officer had this to say, ” Rider’s failure to participate in treatment after so many opportunities appears to reinforce his lack of intent to successfully complete probation.”

Now Isaiah’s wife, Vanessa is speaking out on his behalf and says it’s actually his P.O.’s fault that he hasn’t completed his probation. Claiming Isaiah’s P.O. has been “abusing her power”

Rider says Isaiah got permission from the court to apply to travel to L.A. to explore job opportunities as a basketball coach, but the P.O. has refused to sign off on it … insisting he work at a local McDonald’s, or a similar local establishment during his probation.  

Vanessa says, “He’s not going to work at McDonald’s … he’s a retired athlete.”

The 90 uncompleted hours of community service? Vanessa says Isaiah wanted to volunteer at his church, but the P.O. would only let him pick up trash on the side of the road. 

Vanessa also says Rider still wishes to complete his domestic violence course … but wants to do so in California, so he can work at the same time.

Rider has been jailed until October 11th where he’ll appear before a judge to state his case. Now correct me if I’m wrong but, you don’t get to select how your probation goes, correct? It’s punishment not fun. The only area that seems worthy of looking into is regarding the employment situation. I believe if there is a way that he can secure a job that would ideally turn him into a contributing member of society, you might be inclined to help. But not if nothing else is together.