Former NBA player Derek Anderson pens memoir detailing homelessness, being a teen parent & becoming an NBA champion



Winning both a collegic championship and a title at the professional level is the goal of most athletes. It’s something that few however are able to achieve. Former NBA player Derek Anderson is one of those guys. Derek has written a memoir on his journey to the NBA entitled, Stamina, that covers how his life journey lead him to become a champion. From being homeless, abandoned by his parents at the age of 12, to becoming a father at 14, the death of his sister at 15 and later attending the University of Kentucky and winning a championship there and an NBA title with the Miami Heat in 2006.

Check out a few excerpts from the book:

Derek on being homeless:

When I was 12 and went to the shelter home, the secretary sat me down and ask me for my parents information and I told her I didn’t have it. She thought I was being sarcastic and asked me “Well who do you call when you get in trouble?” I replied “God.” I went and sat down and started to read the brochure of what they offered there and it said; 3 meals a day, 2 hours of activities, and myown bed. Now when you’ve just slept outside on a hard wooden park bench for 2 straight days, this is like a resort for me. The only problem I had was whether I would have to live there forever. I made sure I would change those thoughts and now I am feeding others who sleep in the same shelter home.


I used to walk around with a plastic bag, with a toothbrush, some old spice deodorant, and my own ripped up rag. I would fake falling asleep over my friends houses just long enough that i would miss the city because I didn’t want to go back to my abandoned apartment with no lights or heat. I made no excuse to not be clean because my situation wouldn’t stop my happiness. I just had to survive with what I had. 

Derek currently tours as a motivational speaker. When I asked him what prompted him to write about his life story, he said so many people were asking him about his life outside of basketball at those events. The process was therapeutic and helped him learn to forgive.

Laying your entire life open for the world to dissect would be a scary process for some. Derek said there’s nothing to fear about being this open and raw, it’s the truth and there’s no shame in that. Writing your life story seems as if it would be quite a daunting task. Not for Anderson, he said it took him three weeks to complete the book.

Derek’s backstory:

• Kentucky High School Basketball All-Star

• 1996 – Won National Championship with The University of Kentucky

• 1997 – 13th overall pick in the NBA Draft

• 1997 – Hand picked by Michael Jordan to become one of the first NBA players to sign to the Jordan brand

• 2005 – 2006 Won NBA Championship with Miami Heat

• Owns and operates D.A. Enterprises

• Owns and operates Loyalty Media Group

• FOUNDER/CEO Derek Anderson Works

Derek said there are plans to turn the book into a film. In the meantime, you can order the book from DerekAndersonWorks