Former NBA Player Derek Anderson Accused Of Bankrolling Cocaine Operation

Here’s yet another cautionary example for jocks to be careful of the company they keep. Former NBA player Derek Anderson (he played for seven teams while in the NBA from 1997-2008 and won a championship with the Miami Heat in ’06) has been implicated as a financier of a cocaine operation in Louisville, KY.

According to reports, Francois Cunningham, a former high school star athlete, exchanged recorded testimony for an early release on drug trafficking charges. A portion of his testimony seemed to implicate Anderson.

Cunningham was asked by detectives if Anderson was present at any of his drug buys. “Nah, he stays away from you know, he’s just the money and he’s not going to get around any of it,” said Cunningham.”But that’s who funnels the money.

Cunningham was said to be buying two to three kilos of cocaine at a time at $20,000 per kilo.

It’s important to note, Anderson has never been charged with a crime connected to the investigation. Anderson is a native of Louisville who played for the University of Kentucky where he won an NCAA championship before being drafted 13th to the Cleveland Cavilers in 1997. He also spent time with the Clippers, Spurs, Blazers, Bobcats and the Rockets. He made over $60 million dollars in his NBA career.