Former NBA player Adrian Dantley is working as a crossing guard making $14K a year


Having quality health insurance is a necessity. But let’s be real, health insurance is not cheap. One former NBA player is so serious about ensuring he has great insurance, he’s taken on a crossing guard job in order to get it.

Former 80’s NBA player Adrian Dantley isn’t one of those typical ex-athlete stories we hear where an ex-jock has blown through all his money. Quite the opposite actually, Dantley was tight fisted with his funds during his time in the “L.”

Dantley avoided extravagances and lived on “about $1,500 per month” during his NBA career.

The NBA doesn’t provide health insurance for its former players, but in Montgomery County, Maryland, crossing guards work for about an hour a day. Make around $14K a year – apparently at one point they were earning up to $30K yearly for that hour-a-day but, things change – and they offer great benefits so cheapy Dantley is on board.

He doesn’t need the money,” a Dantley associate tells me. The guard-forward was legendarily cheap during his long and fruitful NBA career, and he still lives nearby in a home he purchased in 1990 for $1.1 million, one that a former agent said “was virtually free and clear” of debt back in 1996.

“He’s not going to just sit around,” the associate continues, “and he just doesn’t want to pay health insurance.”

Dantley most recently served on the coaching staff for the Nuggets during the 2010-2011 season but was allegedly fired because he took issue with sitting on the second row during games