Former NBA All-Star Marques Johnson can still dunk at 56 [video]

Who said old guys can’t still get up… wait, that didn’t come out right. I’m talking about dunks. ::giggle:: A few years ago former NBA slam dunk champion Spud Webb showed he could still throw down at 47 – in dress shoes. Michael Jordan showcased his hops at 48 last year. But, will they still be able to get up at 56?

Former NBA All-Star and UCLA Hall of Famer Marques Johnson celebrated his 56th Birthday and annual “Birthday Dunk” by making a little history — sneaking into New Pauley Pavilion and getting the first dunk in the recently renovated building.


That’s talent!

Sidenote, Marques was FINE in his day. I bet he has GREAT NBA off the court stories!

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