Former Mavs “Maniaacs” dance team member Erbie “E-Luv” Bowser, accused of killing 4 people


A former dancer with the Dallas Mavericks “all-fat-male” Maniaacs dance team, 44-year-old Erbie “E-Luv” Bowser, allegedly went on a killing spree Wednesday night, killing four people including his ex-girlfriend and her 17-year old daughter.

According to the Dallas Observer, the rampage started around 10:30 last night. Bowser walked into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Dallas and opened fire on four people, killing two and injuring a couple more. He then drove to his ex-wife’s house in nearby DeSoto, Texas. Here, he threw a grenade in the house, and when it detonated, entered after it. Bowser shot until he was out of ammo. When he stopped, he’d murdered two and wounded two more.

Police arrived quickly on the scene. WFAA reports that when cops entered the home, Bowser pretended to be one of the victims until authorities realized he didn’t have a scratch on him and detained him. That’s when the dancer revealed he once served in the Army.

So far police haven’t released a motive for the attacks.