Former Giants RB shot by police while holding girlfriend at knifepoint [video]


Footage has surfaced of Former New York Giants running back Jermaine Green being shot four times by Daytona Beach police while he was holding his girlfriend hostage according to the New York Daily News. The footage was captured from the officer’s body camera and shows Green holding a knife to the woman and dragging her into a back bedroom. The footage was obtained by and is graphic.

Green, 32, was shot in his home at least four times in the leg and once in the stomach. He has since recovered and is being held without bond.

“At the end of the day I am proud of those officers. They deserve to be commended,” said former Philadelphia and current Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

Officer Richard Maher’s body camera shows Green holding his girlfriend at knife point in the doorway of a bedroom, then pulling her back, falling onto the bed with her on top of him.

Officer Kevin Connelly’s camera picks up repeat warnings to Green — commands to drop the weapon that Green ignores.

“Let her go, dude. Let her go let her go, man,” the officers are heard saying. “I’m telling you right now.”

“They saved that woman’s life. Even in her interview, she admits that she thought he was going to kill her. She thought Jermaine Green was going to kill her that night,” said Chitwood.

Green had the knife to girlfriend Katrina Johnson’s throat. He lowered it to her chest, ready to stab her.

Chitwood said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has already examined the video.

“They broke it down frame by frame, and there’s a point in there where you can actually see the knife start to bend because he’s pushing with that much force into her chest,” he said.


Green was signed to the Giants in 2004 but never took the field for the team.