Floyd Mayweather’s old assistant writes tell-all detailing money, strippers and suicidal thoughts



Floyd Mayweather Jr. is super rich. Of course someone worth an extreme amount of money probably has some interesting habits. Some of Money May’s alleged idiosyncrasies have been revealed in a new tell-all book.

Mayweather’s former President of Mayweather Music, Tasha Robinson has written “Right Hand to the Champ: 18 Lessons that changed my life.”

Check the highlights:


  • Mayweather spends 2 hours grooming himself each day before he will leave the house. – It takes me about the same. Look good, feel good!
  • Mayweather doesn’t like credit cards, prefers to pay for everything in cash. He withdraws at least $100k in cash daily & puts it in what he calls The Pregnant Duffel Bag. – No interest rates
  • Mayweather once bought 6 cars in one day, all with cash.
  • Mayweather has strippers on retainer all over the country, but doesn’t like to get lap dances. It isn’t unusual for him to drop $100k at the strip club. – we know he’s also known to bring the party back to his place. Remember?
  • Throws money in the pool for strippers to jump in and retrieve – He plays too much
  • Mayweather doesn’t like to wear anything twice, he will have his whole closet of clothes thrown away after six months, and will spend upwards of $35k a day on clothes. – Can I have just 2 days worth of his shopping budget? Cause I’m not greedy.
  • Mayweather will take strangers on shopping sprees, and give thousands of dollars in cash, just because he is in a good mood. He still sends money to friends in prison back in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Mayweather won’t travel with less than three women, who are all paid to hang around him. – this is why he has the Stable of rotating women.
  • Mayweather gambles large sums of money almost everyday.
  • Mayweather doesn’t have a set pay schedule for his staff, he just pays them when he feels like it and sometimes with gifts, as opposed to money. – this is a familiar tactic for certain celebs and athletes. People get so caught up with just BEING THERE.
  • Mayweather likes his body hair free. He shaves his entire body daily. He also gets a mani and pedi every two weeks. He sees a dermatologist every 6 weeks to have his face peeled.
  • Mayweather has a dedicated staff,  just to clean his cars. He won’t drive in one unless it is fully sanitized.
  • Mayweather has the big boy mansion cleaned from head to toe every day. He is a germaphobe so he supervises the cleaning.
  • Mayweather doesn’t drink or do drugs. When he parties, he prefers soda and cranberry juice. – Nice to see he doesn’t embody every vice.
  • Young Mayweather wanted to be a music mogul like 50 Cent & Jay Z.
  • Mayweather was conned out of $15 million by a man named 3 Comma Joe. He has never recovered the money.
  • Mayweather was on the verge of bankruptcy and the IRS was coming after him in 2008, that is why he ended his retirement.
  • Mayweather allegedly barred girlfriends he thought were cheating from leaving his house. – Judging by incidents with his ex-fianceé Shantel Jackson, and his old stripper boo, Princess Love, I’d say that’s true.
  • Mayweather has already made arrangements for his death and contemplated suicide.

I’m not surprised about ANY of this. Word of advice to Floyd though, always make your staff sign a confidentiality agreement.



spotted at BSO