Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Baby’s Mama Drama [Video]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have a lot of drama as of late that has nothing to do with his boxing ability.  Recently, two of Floyd’s children’s mothers were going at each other on Instagram.


Mellisa Brim and Josie Harris had a back and forth on social media that spilled into the real world over the weekend. You can also see Floyd’s newest girlfriend, Doralie Medina AKA Bad Medina, watching it all go down.



Melissa Brim was arguing with a Josie Harris and Floyd Mayweather was trying to cool Melissa Brim off but she was very heated. So she went outside to cool off then she later came back in. At the end of the J’Leon Love fight they started again and Floyd Mayweather told Josie Harris to go outside and they started arguing so she left and Floyd Mayweather and his Baby Mama Melissa and his bodyguards went out the other door. Speculation is going around that the argument steamed from Josie Harris spreading rumors that Melissa is a Homewrecker. And she had her daughter Iyanna Mayweather when Floyd Mayweather was still in a relationship with Josie Harris.

What happened to keeping personal stuff private? But then, where’s the fun in that for us.