Floyd Mayweather Jr. Paid Nicki Minaj $50,000 To Attend Daughter’s 14th Birthday


It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather Jr has money to blow. Over Memorial day weekend, Floyd threw a 14th birthday party in a ballroom at MGM hotel for his daughter Iyanna – you know, the catalyst for his beef with TI when the rapper’s wife posted a photo on Instagram of her in attendance.

Also on hand that night for the festivities was rapper Nicki Minaj. Word is that Floyd paid Nicki $50,000 for a walk through. That’s where you show up, take a few photos, stay for about an hour then leave.

Daddy also dropped an Audemars Piguet for Yaya’s birthday gift.


photos via @Nickiminaj @Floydmayweatherjr @melissarenee @moneyyaya