Floyd Mayweather Jr. Calls Radio Host A F****T [Audio]

I like Floyd Mayweather’s bravado. Confidence with just a tinged of cocky can be attractive. But the key to making that combination work, is knowing when to fallback and stay quiet. Floyd is still working on mastering that skill set. Case in point, Floyd heard a radio host named Rude Jude was accusing him of running from a fight with Manny Pacquiao- something MANY people have said for years- on his show, The All Out Show. Floyd decided he wanted to call in and address his commentary.

“I guess somebody has something against me,” Floyd said.

Rude Jude replied “No, I said you were afraid to fight Pacquiao. That you were ducking Pacquiao. You always using steroids as an excuse. You’re bigger than him anyway — you should be able to whoop his ass steroids or not.”

Floyd said he’s never said Pacquaio used steroids. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., made those accusations.

“Why are you so sensitive?” Rude Jude asked. “You’re not allowed to be sensitive and duck fights.” Rude Jude then went on to say that Pacquiao beat opponents worse than Floyd.

That’s when the interview went sideways…

“I guarantee you you’re not black,” a defensive Mayweather said. “What are you? Spanish, Latin, what are you?”

“We know you’re racial profiling,” Mayweather said angrily. “The black man always get it the hardest way. We always going to get to the top. We always going to rise to the occasion.”

Mayweather then called the him a f****t. Interview over.

Come on Floyd, you can’t DO stuff like this. Especially using THAT word. Either deal with those whispers in the ring or keep pointing to your 42-0 record. You don’t win in this situation. To quote Jay-Z

“If I shoot you, I’m brainless. You shoot me, you’re famous”

Here’s the complete audio from the interview:


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