Floyd Mayweather Jr. banned from Las Vegas strip clubs?


We know Money May LOVES the strip club. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made a habit of showing how much he enjoys the strip club. But now it seems as if Las Vegas police want to put an end to Floyd’s good time.

Las Vegas strip clubs are getting a stern warning from cops — DON’T LET FLOYD MAYWEATHER INSIDE … because he sexually harasses strippers … something Floyd denies.

The Vice unit of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department contacted multiple strip clubs in Sin City … telling them Floyd and his crew have run roughshod in various clubs, manhandling the girls.

As one law enforcement source put it, “He [Floyd] goes in and pulls a ‘Do you know who I am’ and does inappropriate things with some of the women.”

We spoke with honchos from multiple strip clubs who tell us they will NOT heed the warnings, because they’ve never had a problem with Floyd. Plus, everyone knows he spends a TON of cash.

Wouldn’t the strip clubs be aware of his behavior, and the dancers who are reportedly being manhandled? Wouldn’t that be backwards for them to still let him in if a bulk of their dancers felt that way? I mean they’re the draw.

Something is missing with this story.