Fashion Glance: What is Paul George Wearing? [Photo]

I know leather was hot early in the NBA season, but sometimes you have to know when a look isn’t working. Take Indiana Pacers star Paul George. The All-Star posted this photo of himself and a friend from Fresno State on his Twitter following the Pacers game against the Chicago Bulls.


I just want to know WHHHYYYY he thought this was a good look? Does he really have his questionable leather pants tucked into gold Louboutin sneakers?

He looks like he escaped from the 80’s in “Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo.”

Where are your friends PG?

As a follow up to the Catfish thing, George says that the “explicit photo” isn’t him but the rest were sent to a disgruntled ex-girlfriend… I said that too.

Meanwhile, the Pacers are slipping and facing a crucial match up at home against the Heat on Wednesday.