Fashion Glance: LeBron James, Chris Paul, Tristian Thompson & John Wall in Givenchy [photos]


We know that jocks can suffer from the “me too” syndrome. Examples; “You have that car? Me too,” “you copped those shoes? Me too,” “you [redacted] that chick, ME TOO.” But, one of the areas that it’s easy to pick out is fashion. Sometimes it’s simply the fact that they all follow the same trends, or have the same stylist. For today’s example we once again look at an athlete fav, Givenchy, accessorized with leather of course.

The twin doberman tee has been rocked over the last few weeks by LeBron James, Chris Paul. Cavs Tristian Thompson and Wizards John Wall. The cost is $592 in case you or your guy is interested in plaid and dogs. So the question is, who wore it best?


photos via Instagram