Fashion Glance: Knicks head coach Mike Woodson’s interesting dress shirt choice [photo]


The New York Knicks clinched their first Atlantic division title since 1994. And are now battling it out with the Indiana Pacers for the number two spot in the east. Not only did the the Knickerbockers tie a franchise record with 20-three pointers Tuesday night against the Washington Wizards, the team also got their 13th victory in a row.

Knicks head coach Mike Woodson had this to say about winning the Atlantic division:

“We win a division, that’s accomplished. But the big picture is winning a title,” Mike Woodson said. “I’m only in it for one thing, man. The division is great, because that’s what we set out to do as a team, but the big picture is trying to win a championship. We’re headed in the right direction, but we still have a ways to go.”

Knicks sixth man, JR Smith had some additional commentary on Mike Woodson’s apparel selection. Coach Woodson opted to rock a shirt that has a special compartment for his watch, double buttons at the collar and someone’s initials at the nape of the neck.


photos via @TeamSwish