Fashion Face Off NBA Playoffs Round 1: Blazers vs. Rockets [Photos]


The 2014 NBA Playoffs are underway. But the battle doesn’t only take place on the court, it also takes place with head to head fashion face offs. Check out looks from Rockets Chandler Parsons and James Harden.


Chandler was on fire early during game 1. He ended the game with 24 points and 6 rebounds. Guess Getting that mohawk and Dwight giving him the keys to the Ferrari was inspiring.


The Blazers were influenced by veteran Mo Williams and decided for the playoffs, “we wear suits.” Check out the grown up looks the team donned for game 1.

Blazers steal one in overtime over the Rockets. Game 2 is Wednesday in Houston.

photos via @Trailblazers @Jharden13 @CaseyHodl