Fan sends JR Smith $60 winnings from NBA 2K13 bet


People are really serious about video games. One guy named John was such a fan of Knicks JR Smith, he bet a friend that he could put up more points with Smith in NBA 2K13 than the friend playing with the Miami heat. John won $120 and sent JR $60 of the pot since he made him look good.


Meanwhile, Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was disappointed with JR’s choices, again, when JR took to Twitter last week to defend his brother Chris against Brandon Jennings opinion. JR said he was thinking of hitting up his Detroit people to go see Jennings. Woodson says JR has to grow up before teams don’t want to deal with him… How many times have we heard that about Smith?

“I was not happy about that and that’s why we had a behind-the-door meeting with he and Chris [on Thursday] because it’s ridiculous,” Woodson said during his weekly radio interview on ESPN New York Friday. “There’s got to come a time where you stop putting yourself in that position. It’s going to come a time when you keep doing it, eventually no team is going to want to deal with you. You got to learn from it. Those are the things where I’m trying to get this young man to.”

Chris has been sent to the D League to work on his game.