Falcons Roddy White Reneging On March Madness Bet


Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White got a little to caught up in March Madness last week. White made an informal bet with a fan on Twitter that Duke would beat Mercer in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. White tweeted that if Mercer won, he’d give the fan Falcons’ season tickets on the 50-yard line.


By now, everyone knows that Mercer defeated Duke and now White owes the fan 50-yard line season tickets to the Chicago Bears, since that was the wager.


White said he would pay up, now he’s come out and said he won’t because it wasn’t a “real bet” because the fan didn’t wager anything.


For what it’s worth, the fan – who is in fact a Falcons fan – wasn’t expecting white to follow through. I still think he should do something. This makes him look petty.