Fair or Foul: Ciara Brings Baby Future To Seahawks Training Camp


Over the weekend, the internet was in flames behind a series of pictures from the Seattle Seahawks camp. No, players weren’t tearing up the field behind the reason big money contracts of quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner’s $43 million extension. It had to do with Russell’s latest boo and her son.


Ciara was spotted at Seahawks camp with baby Future. One photo even featured Russell and the one-year-old hugging. You would think Future would appreciate that Ciara’s boyfriend is kind and caring about his son. Instead, Future took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Ciara’s latest photo op.


True, but it’s too late for Ciara to go back in time.

I mean we could ponder this reference, or remember the fact that Future has about five baby’s mamas.

So where do you stand on the issue? Are you outraged that Ciara has her son around her boyfriend of a few months? Remember a few months ago Future was sending subliminals like, “I wish I cared.” My how quickly things change. DS2 in stores or on iTunes, however you purchase your music these days.