EX-Piston Rasheed Wallace has divorce drama


Former Detroit Pistons star Rasheed Wallace and his wife Fatima are having a bit of divorce drama. The couple has been separated for four years with Rasheed providing temporary spousal support.

The problem is, Sheed has moved to North Carolina and filed for divorce there. Fatima wants the divorce ruling overturned claiming that Rasheed doesn’t live in North Carolina because his license, income taxes and bank accounts are all in Michigan.  Fatima said in 2013 Rasheed stop answering her phone calls and didn’t return home after retiring from the Knicks. She also wants the prenup thrown out claiming he used fraud to get her to sign it.

it allegedly misrepresented terms and undervalued her husband’s financials; and she was counseled into signing by an attorney being paid by her husband. She is asking the court for a “fair division” of the estate.

Rasheed paid for Fatima’s lawyer. She believes there was some sort of trickery happening on their end.

Rasheed’s estimated net worth is $75 million.  which includes property across the country, a monthly budget of $150,000 to $200,000 for

  • property payments and maintenance
  • automobile payments
  • insurance premiums
  • private school and college expenses for their two children ages ten and 17.
  •  living and personal expenses.
  • Fatima Wallace is also provided $10,000 a month in interim support.

Other issues, Rasheed claims Fatima is living with a new boo which should void spousal support.