Ex-NBAer Charlie Bell wants in on Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell’s income

We know that most of the cast members on “Basketball Wives” aren’t actual wives. Kenya Bell is, but she’s in the middle of a divorce. Her husband, ex-NBA player, Charlie Bell was waived from the Golden State Warriors under the amnesty agreement that was apart of the new Union deal.

Well aparently roles have switched and Charlie feels that although he’s earned over $20 million in his NBA career. Kenya is now the bread winner with her Basketball Wives income and iTunes sales from her single (really? People are buying that? Are you sure, Charlie) claiming she’s made $300,000 this year while he’s only made $100,000 playing overseas.

Kenya shot back calling BS on Charlie’s cries for help — denying she earns $300,000 on the VH1 show.

Kenya also wants a chunk of Charlie’s 7-figure savings.

Interesting turn of events. What are your thoughts on Charlie wanting “his cut?” I’m sure the producers of Basketball Wives would be interested in adding Charlie to the cast. That’s always an option to supplement your income.

photos via Instagram