Ex-Falcon Chuck Smith says his RHOA co-stars Phaedra & Kandi were his groupies back in the day


It’s no secret that pro athletes date a lot of women and treat them as disposable items. But what happens if years later, a married former NFL linebacker ends up on a reality show with his wife and two women he “put on the team” back in the day? Awkward conversations ensue on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

photo via Bossip

Former Falcon Chuck Smith says castmates Phaedra and Kandi were groupies on HIM because he was “THAT GUY.”


“I said we had dated,” Phaedra explained.

“We never dated,” Chuck said. “We caught up with each other when you was a young lawyer trying to get in the game.”

Chuck went on to arrogantly tell Phaedra his version of their “relationship” — that she was just one of the many women, including her RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss, that he had used for sex as a young millionaire football player.

“I was THAT GUY in Atlanta. I was in my prime. I was from your hometown and that’s what it is. What describes what we really were? We’re the first version of the friends with the benefits, girl!” he insultingly said.

As Phaedra was silent in the back seat of Chuck’s SUV, NeNe asked, “So y’all had sex?”

“Hell, yeah, we did!” Chuck said.

He claimed he’d never taken Phaedra out on a date, as she claimed.

She said she’d been to his football games, and Chuck retorted. “I had six different chicks stashed in the corners. You were part of the team. You and Kandi.”

He said he was “kicking it with you and Kandi at the same time.”

Phaedra scoffed to Bravo’s cameras that Chuck had it all wrong: “It might be because all of the concussions, you know, he was a linebacker … he got hit in the head too many times.”

She was shocked that Chuck attacked her but concluded, “He’s hating ’cause I turned out to be something that he isn’t — very successful and he’s looking back thinking, ‘Wow, she’s definitely the one that really got away.’”

Meanwhile, Chuck not only ran down Phaedra during the car ride — he said Kandi was a nice girl, “but she was messing with multiple men.

“I made Kandi think she was special, no question. I lied to her.

“I was the big homie for a lot of people.”

Phaedra said in confessional, “He’s a jerk!”