Evelyn Lozada’s “Nightline” Interview [video]

I’m not sure if there’s more to this interview from Friday evening’s Nightline broadcast with Evelyn Lozada. In the five minute interview, we see the police report where Chad says Evelyn head butted him, Evelyn comparing her situation to rape victims who are blamed for wearing revealing clothing and to expect a kinder, gentler Evelyn should there be a season 5 of Basketball Wives:



I’m sure Ev has grown from her experiences these past few months but clearly something is missing from the story. I think comparing herself to a rape victim is off, and done to illicit an emotional response from the public asking tough but valid questions. I disagree with that positioning. Also of note, her make up artist is a beast, there’s no sign of the six stitches she received from her injuries.

Initially this interview was being shot for Good Morning America, Not sure if there are still plans to air the entire segment but you can see more from the interview HERE. Both Chad and Evelyn promoted this appearance on their respective websites. Ev on her personal site and Chad on his entertainment blog, the OCNN report.

I don’t know that I have anything else to add on this topic. I guess it’s the court’s turn to weight in.