Evelyn Lozada wants the “no-contact” order against Chad Johnson lifted?

This is an interesting turn of events, especially when you consider a Tweet Evelyn sent a few days ago but more on that later. Per TMZ, Evelyn Lozada would like Chad Johnson’s “no contact” order to be lifted once he competes his batter’s intervention program. Allegedly, Lozada simply wants to move on with her life and dealing with legal stuff that pertains to Chad would block that. But to be clear, according to the source, Ev has no interest in rekindling her relationship with the unemployed ex OchoCinco.

I believe that. However, Evelyn also seems to believe that Chad is also watching her moves… at least on Twitter.

Tweets is watching. For the record, I believe she’s absolutely correct about this.

Thoughts on Ev’s new hair color? As someone who recently jumped to the darker side of the hair spectrum, I love it.

photos via Instagram