Evelyn Lozada spotted on a Miami beach as more alleged mistresses revealed [photos]


Evelyn Lozada has been out of sight since the alleged domestic violence incident between she and her estranged husband, Chad Johnson. The first photos of Evelyn have surfaced on a beach in Miami near a friends home. Lozada is wearing a hat to conceal the wound she suffered from Chad’s headbutt.


TMZ discovered the photos and also says that Evelyn has since left to Barbados with her daughter to escape the media’s glaring light. Maybe she’s going to seek counsel with her Tweet pal Rihanna.

I have a question, in the 911 call, the neighbor indicated that the wound could possibly be covered with a butterfly stitch and also indicated that it wasn’t bleeding. Assuming the gentleman isn’t a medical professional so his opinion might be flawed, why is it now being said it’s this huge wound? If you headbutt someone is it similar to punching someone in that it leaves bruises on the aggressor too?
And in other news, looks like Chad’s alleged mistresses are coming out of the woodworks. Two more ladies have surfaced along with claims of meeting Chad via Twitter, meeting up with him while Evelyn was filming or promoting and chilling in the smart car Lozada purchased for him.  Oh and of course, hanging out at Johnson’s favorite spot, David’s cafe in Miami. Meet Amber and Bianca.

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s addiction to Twitter led to the downfall of his NFL career, and now RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting that his sleazy habits on the social networking site doomed his marriage to Evelyn Lozada before she had even walked down the aisle.

“He is constantly scouring Twitter flirting with women, and if he sees someone he likes he has them direct message their number to him so they can meet up in person,”


“Chad has been paying Amber $2,000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up,” a source reportedly told the magazine. “He would tell Evelyn that he was going out to run errands in the day time and just hook up with one of his women instead. It was easier for him to hide when they lived in separate cities but after Chad was traded to Miami in June his philandering literally got too close to home and he got caught.”


I will say this, on the last season of Basketball Wives, Chad & Evelyn had a disagreement about him being spotted at David’s with an ex. She also says she was “PISSED”, “livid, shaking about to get in an accident”