Evelyn Lozada says she loves Chad, he’s a good guy who made bad choice [video]

Evelyn Lozada recently sat down with Amy Robach of Good Morning America for her first interview following an alleged domestic violence altercation with her estranged husband, Chad Johnson. Nightline will show a portion of that interview tonight. In this snippet, Lozada, whose in tears, says she can’t imagine speaking to Chad again. That he’s “a good guy who loves football and a great dad but made a bad choice that destroyed his life.”


She again says that Chad needs help and to work on himself, suggesting that this may not have been a one time incident.

For his part, Chad has stated via statement and Twitter that he takes full responsibility. It’s interesting that in a situation dealing with her husband of less than two months and involving a condom receipt, Evelyn finally found her inner chi and didn’t throw any available item in proximity. Hitting a woman is wrong, but so is violence against other women.

I think that’s the message Star Jones and others who signed that petition earlier in the year were trying to get Evelyn and Tami to understand. If you can get that upset over some of the scenarios that took place on a reality show, how is it that you managed to sidestep it in this instance where there seemingly WAS a justification for you to be upset. Just some of the questions I’d pose if I were in the interviewers chair.

You can catch more from this interview on ABC tonight at 11:30 PM