Evelyn Lozada has some questions for Chad Johnson when they’re able to communicate

I believe in 2013 we will see an Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson reunion. I’m not alone in those thoughts. If you however need some convincing, check out a few comments from Ev about Chad’s recent appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” and the one question she would like to ask him once those pesky legal barriers are out of the way.

“I haven’t spoken to Chad, we can’t – we have a ‘no contact’ clause, but I hear things. He recently did an interview on ESPN and I saw clips of it but it wasn’t easy to watch because he is still wearing his wedding ring, and says he still wants to be married,”

“At some point a conversation needs to take place, I have questions about everything and that will happen when it’s supposed to happen,” Evelyn confides. “I would definitely like to sit down and talk to him down the road – I would just really like to get up in his head and ask, ‘Why?’

“Obviously he wasn’t thinking, but as a woman, there are certain things I needed closure with like why he cheated? It is hard for me to wrap my head around why someone would put everything at risk,”

I don’t believe for one minute that they haven’t spoken. But I doubt the goal here is to cause more trouble for Ocho. On Evelyn’s birthday the two were tweeting messages to each other in spanish.