Evelyn Lozada Gets Emotional Discussing Domestic Violence

Evelyn Lozada is returning to her roots on the new season of Basketball Wives LA. While guest hosting on The Real this week, Lozada opened up about her experience with domestic violence.

The topic came up as the hosts discussed an incident involving Kansas City ChiefsTyreek Hill, a player with a known history of domestic violence.

Evelyn explained how she’s still deeply affected by the incident that happened with her ex-husband, former NFL star Chad Johnson, saying, “It stays with you forever.”

Lozada became emotional when she opened up about the 2012 incident in which Chad headbutted her during an argument that began after she found a receipt for condoms in his car, a few weeks after their wedding.  Ev was near tears, and shared a warning with other women, “If it happens once, we know it’s gonna happen again.”

She and Johnson split after the incident, but she said she forgives Chad, who has apologized many times, but says she doesn’t want him to be a part of her life. Chad used to tweet about missing her, to no avail, but he has since moved on as well and has a daughter close in age to Ev’s two-year-old son with her fiance, MLB player Carl Crawford.

Chad posted this to Instagram this week after Evelyn’s comments hit the blogs

video via The Real

photo via Erica Parise /Warner Bros. Television