ESPN fires Rob Parker


ESPN has announced it won’t renew the contract of on-air analyst Rob Parker. Parker recently served a 30-day suspension related to comments he made on the topic of RG3. Parker probably would’ve been in the clear had he not appeared on a Detroit area program, “Flashpoint” where he attempted to explain his comments on “First Take” and use OJ Simpson as a reference point.

It was never about condemning the young man … it was more about concerns, not condemning.”

It was a conversation that’s had in the black community when athletes or famous entertainers or whatever push away from their people … you saw it from OJ Simpson, “well I’m not black, I’m OJ.”

“I wasn’t saying that he wasn’t black enough. When people say that, it’s just not true. I was saying these are the conversations that take place, once a guy pushes away …


Probably not the comparison you should make considering the firestorm he ignited initially. Parker also stated that ESPN knew what he was planning to say prior to him appearing on air that fateful day.

“I can’t believe it, Parker said. I mean, looking back at some of the comments, I can see how some people can take it out of context and run with it, but the response, and what happened over the past 30 days and everything was just shocking,” Parker said.

Parker would’ve been best served to hire a crisis PR person/team after the initial firestorm. I guarantee they would’ve assisted him with shaping his comments on “Flashpoint.” Context is EVERYTHING. SO is knowing your role in the grand scheme of things.

Parker had recently secured a spot on the Saturday edition of “First Take.” I’m available ESPN! I’m sure Cari wouldn’t mind a bit of estrogen at the desk on Saturday morning.

Rob Parker’s contract expired at year end.Evaluating our needs and his work, including his recent RGIII comments, we decided not to renew.

— Mike Soltys (@espnmikes) January 8, 2013