ESPN analyst Jemele Hill shares racist letter she received on Twitter

Jemele Hill

On Friday, sports broadcaster Jemele Hill shared a letter she received regarding her appearance on ESPN radio’s Colin Cowherd on The Herd. The hand written letter is filled with racial slurs.



For 2 days now, I’ve sat here (at work) with your “Herd” show on–and I wanna puke!

Hell, I don’t like women sportscaster period. Let alone b***h “Jungle Bunnies”…(what’s she doing on the air anyway? She doesn’t even like golf )–Thats no sports person. This “speak chucker” needs to go away.

Get her out of there, before she back-slides into some ebonics-laden mumbo-jumbo inarticulate tirade.

Short sound bites from (male) black jocks is tolerable. But I’m NOT interested in spending my day listening to some thick-lippef gorilla, attempting to properly speak the King’s english.

You’ve taken P.C. to a new low.


Outside of the obvious reasons why this letter is disgusting, the complaints have nothing to do with how she actually handles her job. The only thing related to sports was the fact she mentioned she hates golf – and being honest, it’s not on my list of hotness either – this sad individual is strictly upset because Jemele is a black woman. But be clear that if she were a white woman, he’d still have an issue. The fact that she is extremely knowledgeable about sports and the history plus can articulate her points in a clear and concise fashion means nothing because she’s a black woman.