Eric Williams weighs in on Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada’s domestic violence altercation

Former NBA player and part time reality show participant Eric Williams seemed to enjoy the notoriety he gained after appearing on Basketball Wives with his estranged wife Jennifer Williams. During that time, Eric often weighed in both on the show and on Twitter about Jennifer’s friendship with Evelyn Lozada.

Naturally, Williams took to Twitter following reports of Evelyn’s altercation with Chad Johnson to give his particular brand of commentary.

Some his comments – that he @ Evelyn, Jennifer and Chad with on Twitter – included:

Let’s get a show titled 2 bumps you can’t get enough

Hey Evelyn I know that bump on your head is shinier than mine

Evelyn are you going to keep Chad’s last name like your apprentice

I don’t think this was appropriate. While I can understand some of sentiment he expressed, I think it was far too soon and there are still several unknown factors. This was in poor taste. Lastly, why @ Jennifer regarding this. It has nothing to do with her and since they are no longer friends, what sort of reaction was he hoping to elicit from her? Plus, a man implying happiness about the possibility of a woman being beat up is just…