Emotional Arian Foster says he’s being “torn apart” [video]


A local Houston reporter went to Texans running back Arian Foster’s home on Tuesday, an attempt to interview him regarding the allegations of Brittany Norwood. Norwood is claiming she had a five month relationship with Foster that resulted in pregnancy. Foster was extremely distraught when Isiah Carey caught up with him.


Isiah: There’s no way we can get a word with you?

Arian: Please get off my property man…please bro.

Arian: Is your story that important to you, is it really dog.

Arian: Do you know how this s**t is tearing me apart?

Isiah: I understand that and I…

Arian: Then come on man, let’s get real man.

Arian: Look at me in my eyes and tell me this is alright man?

Arian: That’s not ok dog I’ve got family here. I got two kids here bro.

Isiah: I got it but we’re not showing your home’s location.

Arian: I don’t care bro, I don’t care. I’ll talk to y’all when I feel it’s right and it’s not right man.

Isiah: Ok.

Arian: You believe her all you want to dog I know in my heart. I know what’s in me man. This is my house.

Isiah: Can I leave my card with you?

Arian: No bruh, I know how to get in contact with you man.

No sympathy from me. You cheat on your marriage, you know that this result is possible.