“Emergency” Film Stars RJ Clyer & Donald Watkins Talk Black Bromances

The new Amazon Studios film “Emergency” takes you on an emotional roller coaster as it follows three college students who come home after an epic night of partying, to find a woman unconscious in their apartment. Worried that the police won’t believe two Black kids and their Latin friend had nothing to do with the current state of the underage white girl, the guys decide to skip calling the police and get the girl to safety through other means.

“Emergency” is based on the 2018 Sundance Award-winning short film by director Carey Williams and writer KD Davila. The film gives you a mixture of social commentary – that crosses racial and socioeconomic lines – and a wild college party film that takes place the night before spring break.

“Emergency” stars Donald Elise Watkins as Kunle, the son of two doctors, Kunle’s future path is already laid out, including a stop at Princenton for their Ph.D. program. Friends refer to the biology major as “the Barack Obama of fungus.”  Kunle’s best friend and roommate Sean, played by RJ Cyler, is taking a different approach to college life. Sean stays lit via parties, vape clouds, sipping from a bottle that just might contain lean. They are two of the only Black students at this PWI.

Jill Munroe talked with the two stars and the director during the “AAFCA Roundtable Series” about their approach to the darker subject matter and about Black men in “Bro-Mances.”

Catch “Emergency” streaming on Amazon Prime beginning May 27.