Eagles WR Riley Cooper gets caught on tape dropping the N Bomb [video]

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Press Conference

The Philadelphia Eagles training camp certainly became a lot more tense on Wednesday after the release of a video featuring wide receiver Riley Cooper. Cooper recently attended a Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field. Cooper had some sort of altercation with a security guard and he reacted by yelling, “I will jump that fence and fight every ni**er here, bro.”


Cooper immediately issued an apology via Twitter claiming that this was the first time he’d used that word.



The Eagles have levied a fine against Cooper. Listen, am I shocked that a white person who plays in a league that’s 68% black has dropped an N bomb? No. But, when you get caught just be ready for whatever backlash is headed your way. And before anyone comes with the dialog about black people saying Ni**a, think of it like this. I have a family nickname, my family is allowed to address me by that name but, someone I don’t know isn’t. Why, because we don’t have that relationship.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the NFL will not take further action.