Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Broke, Borrowing Money From Agent Drew Rosenhaus?

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is said to be having Serious money issues. Speaking to the media on Monday following his benching over the weekend in an Eagles loss to the Cardinals, Jackson addressed the media and referenced a tough situation which he’ll have to face like a man.

That situation is allegedly owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. Jackson is said to even have a credit card that is either co-signed by the agent or Jackson is a signer to his account.

“From what I’m told, [Jackson] owes Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money. . . . We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is he broke? I don’t know how you define broke, but I know when he signs his new deal he will owe Drew Rosenhaus a lot of money.”

I guess DeSean was certain that his contract situation would be resolved so he didn’t worry about taking an advance. If you recall, DeSean was balling out over the summer in Las Vegas, Miami and even spent $25,000 in about 30 minutes at a club in L.A. on bottle service.

Financial literacy. It’s so important for these guys to understand how money works, investing etc. This why 78% of NFL players are broke within two years of retirement.