Eagles Back-up QB Vince Young Has An Impersonator Running Around DC

Maybe the fact that football players wear helmets and there are like, 50 guys on a team is what makes people think they’ll go unnoticed impersonating NFL players.

Philadelphia Eagles back-up QB Vince Young is being impersonated by a man in the DC area whose been taking money for a charity, photos with kids and getting it in with the ladies.

Someone is impersonating Vince Young in Prince George’s County, Md., according to the agency that represents the veteran NFL quarterback.

“I heard that he has been taking money, taking pictures with little kids at hospitals,” Young said on Monday.  “It’s been real sick.”

EAG Sports Management company said in an email that it had become aware of a man posing as the quarterback in the D.C. area.  According to EAG Sports Management agency, since June the man was collecting money for appearances as the quarterback, “conning unsuspecting women and some men into believing his scam.”

I’m sure some question why if someone was going to choose a player would it be a second or third string guy. Easy, how many people know of top what random player X looks like? Google is your friend. I hope this guy is caught soon!


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