Dwyane Wade’s youngest son’s mother Aja defends him on Instagram


It was around this time last year, that news broke of Dwyane Wade’s son with a woman who wasn’t his then-girlfriend, Gabrielle Union. A big part of DWade’s image is fatherhood, so a “break baby” – dubbed that because Wade said he and Gabby had a temporary break up during the time when Xavier was conceived – didn’t fit for some fans.

Someone recently attacked Xavier’s mother, Aja on Instagram after DWade liked, and then subsequently unliked a photo of his son.


Aja’s comeback was all class, and expressed that Dwyane is a great dad to his other son.



Dear Sweetheart @hejh46 I hope you have a very merry Christmas.. And I hope God answers all your prayers.. Thank u for ur concern for my family, however we’re all adults and my son’s father is a wonderful father and takes very good care of my son and if you had your facts right you would know I never wrote a letter you can’t believe everything you read sweetie… May God be with you Merry Christmas

People are really nuts. There were a lot of comments asking why Xavier wasn’t featured on The Wade’s Christmas card, where was DWade for his 1st birthday, etc. He’s a part of two families, things aren’t going to be conventional.

photo via @The Shade room @Ajamanique