Dwyane Wade’s youngest son Xavier turns 1 [Photos]


Xavier Wade turns 1. The festivities were celebrated with a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party at Disneyland. People are still interested in the developments of Dwyane Wade’s youngest son, Xavier. Fans – using that word loosely – want to know what type of relationship DWade has with his “break baby.” In a recent interview where DWade was discussing if he would allow his sons to play football, DWade mentioned that his “youngest” has no interest in football.

“Only basketball,” he said. “And my youngest is not even into sports like that. Gymnastics is the only sport he’s into. So he’s not into basketball and football.”

People were upset because he was referring to his youngest son, Zion from his previous marriage with Siohvaughn Funches. In Gabielle Union’s recent essay discussing the effect of her leaked private photos, she mentioned being the step-mother of three boys – DWade’s 2 biological sons, and his nephew that he’s adopted. Once again, “fans” were upset at the exclusion of Xavier who turned 1 on November 10th.

I understand, kids are innocent, they didn’t ask to get brought into a situation that isn’t story book. But, I also think you have to consider a few things; that if Aja doesn’t want her son discussed by Gabby in the press. What if there is an agreement to keep all activities regarding him private?

As for Gabby. I’m sure that situation is painful to her as well.

As for DWade, he appears to be a good dad. Does having an outside child put a few chinks in his marketing armour, which is heavily focused on being a father first?

Blended families can be complex. This situation is absolutely complicated. Sometimes, things need to be worked out in private.

Exactly a year ago at 7:03 am my lil man was born 1 of the most amazing days of my life.. There was a time when I thought I would never have a son .. But on November 10, 2013 my family and I were bless with Xavier Zechariah Wade.. I’ve spent every day since with you and every night sleeping next to you and constantly checking on u.. Even when you sleep through the night I don’t lol. I love being your mommy son. I could never imagine life with out you. I love Ur smile Ur hugs and sweet kisses. Love you always and forever son .. Love can’t even express how I feel .. Happy birthday baby  my sweet special surprise XaveyBaby

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